Interactive storytelling for children at the Wandervogel Forest Preschool in Kao Hsiung, Taiwan in January, 2016.  

I thoroughly enjoyed this session with the kids. Every time the hungry caterpillar came upon a food item, the wide-eyed little tykes couldn't wait to 'ga ga ga' through it.  It was as if they were the caterpillars chomping on the fruits and sweets.

Interative storytelling for pre-schoolers at the Jurong Regional Library in December, 2015

An animated storytelling session for  preschoolers at Woodlands CDAC in September 2016. 

This was a Kidsread Guest Storytelling session organized by NLB  & ASN.

Why tell traditional tales, myths, and legends to pre-schoolers? 

  1. Folk- and fairy tales teach lessons without moralizing and stimulate emotional development.
  2. Hearing traditional stories from around the world provides insight into other cultures, forcing us to look at situations from another point of view.
  3. Knowledge of “old stories” (folktales, myths, and legends) is requisite to understanding literature, history, and culture students later encounter.

​~ Teacher's Guide:Storytelling Guide of Indiana

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