WHY TellStories to Teenagers?

    I once told a group of teenagers a story that started out like this, "There once was a boy who lived with his mother in ancient Egypt.  He was known to his mother and everyone in the village as ugly, stupid and lazy. ..."  After the storytelling and after some skills training in my classroom with the teenagers, one tall boy who had been sitting by himself at the far corner of my classroom, seemingly disinterested in the 2 hours of my workshop, came up to me. He said, "  I like that story.  It's about me."  He was actually diagnosed with a mild form of autism and I was told to leave him alone if he didn't want to participate.  His comment made my day that afternoon.  I realized that my story had impacted him.  

    Many teenagers have angst issues.  They may be impulsive at times but they are rich in emotions.  They actually think a lot.  I like to tell them stories that set them thinking about themselves, without them realizing it.  It is very subtle but I enjoy the look of their faces, that says "Aaah.  That's me." 

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