Erudite Stories can customize stories for the silver agers.   

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​Bilingual Storytelling (Chinese & Cantonese) with Karen Lee for Asian Storytelling Network ​at a senior care centre in 2014  

Why Telltothe SilverAgers? 

    I had a chance to go around the island to tell stories to older people in healthcare centres and senior activity care centres in 2014. Together with other storytellers, we told bilingual stories.  We met older people from all walks of life.  Some were healthy and alert while others were slightly drugged or wheelchair-bound. Regardless, I really respected them for their resilience.  These elders have led active, vital lives. Sometimes impairments take away independence. Often they have feelings of isolation, loneliness and some may even have depression.  When the group of us went to tell stories, we did not “talk at” or talk to” them but we “talked with” them.  Our stories, though about faraway places, were meaningful to them.  We connected and it was a delight to get their active participation, their verbal responses to our questions, and most of all, their sincere applauds.